Regional vitalization

We design effective methods and mechanisms in cooperation with various entities and develop regional vitalization by utilizing the local resources and assets.

Tourism destination management

We aim to become a Tourism-oriented country and discover our regional resources and refine them in order to attract both domestic and foreign tourists by promoting effectively through public relations.

Disaster risk mitigation and management

We establish disaster mitigation plans and Business Continuity Planing (BCP) to protect communities from natural hazards such as earthquakes and/or extreme weathers.

Public-private partnership (PPP)

We create attractive landscapes and comfortable spaces in public places by utilizing Private Finance Initiative (PFI) and designated administrator system and more.

As a professional adviser to clients, we precisely analyze the current condition from our wide range of achievements in various business areas and gobs of expertise. We also offer you robust plans that ensure sustainable growth and development of various communities.
We will strive to build trust and consensus among stakeholders by consistently performing from document creation to facilitation and by grasping the risks and returns in complicated social and business environments.
Based on the theory of complex system, we build communication respectively to create mutual communication as a foundation for creating diverse connections in various communities. We also analyze stakeholders, and apply their results to strategic planning and transition management as necessary.