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hook of woods

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A must-have item to make your 'new normal' life safe and comfortable against Coronavirus. Be prepared to cope with it in the long term while supporting the global environment.

We worked with a Japanese woodworking shop to carve out this unique "の" shape from the high quality natural wood grown in Japan.

We also plant tree seedlings to bring back the forest to live, which helps to reduce carbon dioxide to fight global warming.

3,960 JPY

Tax and shipping in Japan are included.

Orders from abroad will be charged additional 800 JPY for shipping and handling, and be shipped out as "International ePacket (Airmail)" from Japan.

Size: Length: 5 ⅜ "
Width: 4 "
Thickness: ⅞ "

Material: Prunus jamasakura (Untreated wild cherry wood grown in Japan.)

Weight: Approx. 75 g (2.6 oz)
(Equivalent to the weight of an egg.)

Use this product to avoid direct contact with contaminated surfaces, where may contain viruses or bacteria. Ideal for use on hanging straps and handrails of the public transport, door handles, elevator buttons and light switches in public.

Use this product to hold heavy shopping bags or plastic bags to reduce the strain on your hands.

train Safe way of holding onto hanging straps or handrails of the public transport. elevator Safe way of pressing elevator buttons. door Safe way of opening doors or cupboards. shopping Easier way of holding heavy shopping bags with thin handles.

For each purchase of "hook of woods", one tree seedling will be planted in the forest of Japan.

You can enjoy the natural wood texture of this product and feel connected with the forest by contributing the tree planting project.

We support to protect the biodiversity and create a sustainable society as a member of "Forest Supporters (A national movement of promotion activity in Japan to bring back the forest)".

Due to the characteristics of the untreated natural wood, grain patterns and the color may vary. Grain and knots patterns, shades of the color may also differ depending on the tree and the position of the cut out. We appreciate your understanding.

The tip of the product can be hooked on handrails or door handles of up to 30 mm (1 3/16") in diameter. It cannot be used if the diameter of the target is thicker than 30 mm.

This product can hold up to approx. 10 kg (22 lbs.) of weight. (Each product may differ due to the characteristics of the natural wood.) Do not apply strong force to the product. It may break and cause an injury or an accident.

The product may slightly change its size or shape over time as it is made of natural wood. Enjoy how it changes the looks and the textures as you use it each day, just like growing your own forest in your hand. Please refer to the enclosed instruction manual for more information.

This product can be used on resistive touch screens such as ticket machines or ATM. Cannot be used on capacitive touch screens such as smartphones or tablets.

The product will be shipped in a simple packaging (filled with wood chips) to reduce plastic wastes for the better environment. We do not provide a gift box or gift wrapping. If you are ordering for someone special, please gift-wrap the product by yourself after the receipt.

in train in shopping one for one package